What's it all about

Sailing around the world, worry free

Starting November 2023

It’s been on your mind for years now. Sailing around the world, cruising from bay to bay, anchoring, snorkelling, exploring, making new friends, having adventures and creating the ultimate memories.

You’ve been thinking about it, dreaming about it, talking about it and postponing it to the next year, the next decade, because you’re busy. Life is busy. Sailing around the world is a big undertaking and you don’t know where to start.

That’s where we come in. It’s why we created the World Yacht Rally. A company dedicated to helping those who want to circumnavigate the world. WYR can provide the structure, the route, the training, the service, everything you need to make it happen.

The Adventure

Creating memories of a lifetime

Sailing around the world, cruising all the dream locations you have heard about and plenty you haven’t.

Life is busy, yes, but life is also the one occasion we get to live our dreams. With the WYR, you can finally combine both.

The WYR is an adventure of a lifetime, without the burdens that usually come with sailing around the world. A WYR circumnavigation means many of the practical aspects are taken care of so you can focus on what really matters: sailing unknown waters, reaching new harbours, discovering new cultures and making friends for life. Every destination more colourful, every arrival more joyful.

Weather tracking, assistance with boat maintenance, technical support, safety, medical support, route planning, pilotage, administrative processes: we remove the stress and provide the support so you can truly enjoy the moment.

How it works

The fleet

The World Yacht Rally is targeted at yachts 50ft. and above and has a limited number of slots in order to keep a cohesive feel across to the fleet, while allowing us to provide dedicated servicing.

For us it's all about the balance between sailing, exploring, travelling and socialising. Therefore the World Yacht Rally is an adventure, not a race although we do have a strict list of do’s and don’ts to guarantee your safety, which is captured in our conditions of entry.


We provide the support to ensure you have everything you need to sail safely, comfortably and as worry-free as possible. Each of our team has worked as part of the Volvo Ocean Race – running the Boatyard, managing race teams or preparing stops. We were responsible for providing all of the support elements we offer as part of the WYR to the best ocean sailors in the world and know what to expect from a circumnavigation, how to prepare for it and handle the unexpected.

An extensive range of services will be included with your entry while several additional options are available as well.

Sail around the world with certainty

fully supported, worry free and serviced by the best in the business

What's included


    Briefings before leg starts and professional weather & routing support while at sea.


    Dedicated shore-team available in predetermined ports and discounted prices with suppliers.


    Medical kit and training provided pre-rally and assistance available 24/7 during.


    Berthing arrangements several days before every leg start and after every leg arrival.


    Starts, parties and pre-rally event.


    Customs, immigration and permits assistance.


    One-day safety training.


    Connecting you to the world and our up to date weather information and forecasts.


    Non-stop piracy and terrorism threat assessment.


    All information in one document.

What's optional


    Taking care of your boat should you need to return home for any reason.


    Travel arrangements before, during or after a leg for owners / crew members.


    Professional sailors ready to come onboard.


    The solution to keep your yacht in the WYR if you want to leave for the duration of your choice.


    In case of temporary absence, selling places on your yacht to bring you a rental income.


    Making products available to you – from grocery and drinks to on board practicalities.

The ultimate experience made easy

let our team support, guide and assist you as you finally get to sail your boat around the planet

The route

Galapagos Islands

French Polynesia

Great Barrier Reef

Lesser Sunda Islands

Rio De Janeiro

Busy harbours and long oceanic crossings, turquoise waters and rolling sea swell… Sailing around the world is about balancing opposites. About life at sea and on land, exploring the globe in a unique manner. Our WYR route has been designed by our experts to provide great sailing routes and amazing destinations utilising our knowledge of prevailing weather patterns around the globe to ensure you get there at the best time, with the best and safest conditions.

After a (qualifying) prologue from Alicante to Lanzarote, the official WYR start will take place in Lanzarote in November.

The final route will be available six months before each leg and might alter


The WYR has several starting options. You can choose where to start or finish the adventure; Europe, Caribbean or Australia. While our goal is for the fleet to actually sail around the world, any entry can choose to do parts as per below:

Europe - Australia
Caribbean - Australia
Australia - Caribbean or Europe

Can’t stay for the entire duration? You can leave at any time — we will take care of your yacht by arranging its transportation or delivery. Your yacht can even be leveraged commercially in your absence.

The organisers

Each of our team are seasoned sailors and experts at managing sailing teams and events. All were former Volvo Ocean Race colleagues and it was here that they came together to formulate their plan of launching a new generation of round the world rally sailing – the World Yacht Rally.

The WYR team combined their experience in order to make cruising and circumnavigating the globe easier, safer and more accessible for private yacht owners who dream of sailing around the world.

With the help of our skilled team of meteorologists, routing specialists, logistical and operational experts, medics, security experts, sailmakers, riggers, engineers, electricians and boatbuilders and with global industry support, we’re ready to make your adventure an exciting and comfortable reality

  • Nick Bice

    Nick is a life time sailor with saltwater running through his veins. He has competed in the Americas Cup and several Volvo Ocean Races. For the last 2 editions of the Volvo Ocean Race Nick was the Chief Technical Officer. As such, he was responsible setting up and running the Boatyard for the race. This brings not only a wealth of experience on the water but also the technical expertise and global network to keep you on the water.

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  • Jordan Spencer

    Jordan is a champion sailor who has been on a sailboat since he was born. With over 40 years of experience, he has a reputation as high performance sailor and coach. Also a professional speaker, he provided the expert commentary at the World Sailing Games in 2018. Prior to his work with the Boatyard as part of the Volvo Ocean Race, Jordan was Senior Director of Global Markets for a major bank in Australia and ran a group of wineries.

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  • Jack Lloyd

    This September we lost our Race Director Jack Lloyd - one of the most dedicated and knowledgable people in the world of professional sailing. Jack was a major contributor to giving this rally shape on all matters but first and foremost by studying and defining the route and defining safety measures. Moreover he was a most gentle, friendly and humorous colleague to work with, which all of us enjoyed for over a decade.

    With a life spent in professional sailing, Jack was a Rules Advisor to America’s Cup teams and the New Zealand Olympic Sailing Team, a Jury Member for the final Whitbread Round the World Race and worked on all six editions of the Volvo Ocean Race after, before moving back to New Zealand in 2018 and joining the World Yacht Rally.

    Jack passed away in New Zealand on September 10th 2021.

    Sail on dear Jack.

  • Stef van ’t Zand

    The World Yacht Rally is an idea that took shape in Stef's head over the past period of time. A passionate sailor with a lifetime of sailing experience, he has held a range of roles within the Volvo Ocean Race since 1997. In addition to this career path Stef was also partner in a leading Amsterdam based brand activation & TV production agency.

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